The Ultimate Collection

(UK release - October 10, 2011)


  1. 1. 5,6,7,8 (from Step One)
  2. Last Thing on My Mind (from Step One)
  3. One for Sorrow (from Step One)
  4. Heartbeat (from Step One)
  5. Tragedy (from Steptacular)
  6. Better Best Forgotten (from Step One)
  7. Love's Got a Hold on My Heart
    (from Steptacular)
  8. After the Love Has Gone (from Steptacular)
  9. Say You'll Be Mine  (from Steptacular)
  10. Better the Devil You Know(from Buzz)
  11. Deeper Shade of Blue (from Steptacular)
  12. When I Said Goodbye (from Steptacular)
  13. Summer Of Love(from Buzz)
  14. Stomp(from Buzz)
  15. It's the Way You Make Me Feel(from Buzz)
  16. Here And Now(from Buzz)
  17. You'll Be Sorry(from Buzz)
  18. Chain Reaction (from Gold: Greatest Hits)
  19. I Know Him So Well (from The Last Dance)
  20. Dancing Queen (NEW track)

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