5,6,7,8 - the Collection

(UK Release - November 27, 2015)


  1. Tragedy
  2. Better Best Forgotten (Radio Edit)
  3. Last Thing on My Mind
  4. Love's Got a Hold on My Heart
  5. One for Sorrow
  6. Deeper Shade of Blue (Radio Edit)
  7. Stomp
  8. 5, 6, 7, 8
  9. Chain Reaction
  10. Better the Devil You Know
  11. Lay All Your Love on Me
  12. Baby Don't Dance (WIP Radio Edit)
  13. Back to You
  14. Buzzz
  15. Hand on Your Heart
  16. Stop Me from Loving You
  17. Human Touch
  18. You'll Be Sorry (The Pardon Mix)
  19. Steps (WIP Megamix)



  1. After the Love Has Gone
  2. It's the Way You Make Me Fee
    (Radio Edit)
  3. Say You'll Be Mine
  4. Here and Now (Q Street Mix)
    (Aka Soundtrade Mix)
  5. When I Said Goodbye (Radio Edit)
  6. I Know Him So Well
  7. Words Are Not Enough (Radio Edit)
  8. Paradise Lost
  9. Mars and Venus (We Fall in Love Again)
  10. I Surrender
  11. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
  12. Just Like the First Time
  13. Love U More
  14. In It for Love
  15. Make It Easy on Me
  16. Better Best Forgotten
    (Nip on the Dance Floor WIP Mix)
  17. Chain Reaction
    (Graham Stack Extended Mix)
  18. One for Sorrow
    (Tony Moran Extended Club Mix)
  19. Merry Christmas Everybody

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